"How to Turn the Ballot Box into a Blessing Box"

Proverbs 29:1-7

I. A Virtuous Leader Blesses a Nation

   A. When the righteous are in authority the people rejoice (NKJ) (verse 2a)

       1. With God righteousness is more important than cleverness

       2. God cares about politics

       3. He also cares about the private life of a leader and so should we.

   B. Noah Webster: "All history is a witness of the truth of the principles that good morals are essential to the faithful and upright discharge of public functions."

       1. The moral character of a man is indivisible...it cannot be pure in one part and defiled in another.

       2. God is very concerned with leadership; especially political leadership.

       3. Proverbs 16:12

           a. "Established” literally is interpreted "to make stable".

           b. The government stabilizes the nation....but God says righteousness stabilizes the government.

           c. If those in authority are not righteous, the government will not be stable and neither will the nation.

   C. People in authority need to lead by conviction.

       1. Proverbs 24:24-25

       2. He stands against what is wicked and stands for what is right.

       3. He is more concerned with what is morally and spiritually right and is not concerned with "political correctness".

           a. These people are guided with principles not polls.

   D. People in authority need to be righteous.

       1. Proverbs 20:28

       2. A leader is not a liar and a liar is not a leader.

       3. If a person is not honest and cannot be believed, they are not fit to serve in public office.

   E. People in authority need to be compassionate

       1. Proverbs 31:8-9

       2. They need to speak up for those with no voice.

       3. It is compassionate to offer someone a job and not a government handout.

   F. People in authority need to be courageous.

       1. Proverbs 20:26

       2. It takes courage to separate the husk of wickedness from the kernels of righteousness.

   G. People in authority need to be consecrated.

       1. Proverbs 31:1-3

II. A Vile Leader Burdens the Nation

    A. When the wicked rule the people groan (verse 2b)

        1. When a nation knowingly and willingly chooses a wicked leader, they are weeping at their own funeral.

        2. Exhibit A of this concept is the people of Israel.

    B. Just as there are marks of a virtuous leader, there are marks of a vile leader.

        1. You can always tell a wicked leader by three things

            a. Wicked actions (Proverbs 16:12)

                1. True character is measured not by what is said but what is done. (Proverbs 20:11)

            b. Wicked advisors (Proverbs 25:4-5)

                1. Wicked advisors are compared to molten scum.

                2. A wicked leader surrounds himself with wicked listeners and wicked advisors

            c. The final mark is wicked appeasement (Proverbs 29:4)

                1. Some things should not be for sale at any price; honor, character, name and decency and country.

Sermon Notes